A Breakdown of Every New York City Platinum Hip-Hop

It was F. Scott Fitzgerald who so poignantly said, “The city seen from the Queensboro Bridge is always the city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and beauty in the world.” And what could possibly be more beautiful than breaking down the most platinum albums in hip-hop history?  No disrespect to L.A., The Chi or North Platte, Nebraska, but it’s an eternal truth that New York is the capital (as well as the birthplace) of hip-hop. It’s something I realized last year when we broke down the platinum albums by city and New York towered over the competition. New York accounted for more than half of every platinum selling hip-hop album, accounting for over 100 platinum albums in total, while the second place city, Los Angeles, barely had 50.  Still there’s work yet to be done. After all, if we are going to talk about New York, we have to talk about the boroughs. Without the deep proliferation of hip-hop throughout the boroughs, without rappers clashing like gladiators, fighting for borough pride, New York wouldn’t be the epicenter of rap music. There’s always been a sense of competition and pride between the boroughs and now it’s time to settle once and for all which borough is the best. Will it be the Boogie Down Bronx or The Borough of Homes and Churches (and Jay Z)? Which borough has, not just the most platinum albums, but the most artists? We’re getting ahead of ourselves though. Let’s review some notes on how we compiled these numbers. Read more at:

Queens: 13 artists, 36 albums

LL Cool J (7)
Nas (7)
Ja Rule (4)
A Tribe Called Quest (3)
Run-DMC (3)
Salt ’N Pepa (3)
50 Cent (2)
Nicki Minaj (2)
DJ Clue? (1)
G-Unit (1)
Mobb Deep (1)
Onyx (1)
Young MC (1)

Brooklyn: 9 artists, 36 albums

Jay Z (15)
Beastie Boys (7)
Biggie (4)
Lil’ Kim (3)
Fabolous (2)
Foxy Brown (2)
Fat Boys (1)
GZA (1)
Whodini (1)

Manhattan: 6 artists, 7 albums

Diddy/The Fam (2)
Black Rob (1)
Cam’ron (1)
Mase (1)
Kool Moe Dee (1)
Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock (1)
Staten Island (aka Wu-Tang Island): 3 artists, 7 albums
Method Man (3)
Wu-Tang (3)
Ghostface (1)

Bronx: 4 artists, 6 albums

Heavy D & The Boyz (3)
Big Pun (1)
Fat Joe (1)
Slick Rick (1)
Also New Jersey: 5 artists, 8 albums
Naughty By Nature (2)
Redman (2)
Wyclef (2)
The Fugees (1)
Lauryn Hill (1)

Yonkers (aka DMXville): 3 artists, 7 albums

DMX (5)
The L.O.X. (1)
Ruff Ryders (1)

Long Island: 3 artists, 5 albums

Public Enemy (3)
De La Soul (1)
Eric B. & Rakim (1)

Valley Stream, New York: 1 artist, 1 album
Everlast (1)
Read more at: https://tr.im/pDoEa


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