This story, VAL-MAR Gifted and Cursed, is told through the eyes of a young homeless girl, living in the streets of Times Square, NYC .
Although in an overwhelming situation, flexibility of thought and ferocious tenacity allows her to transcend the extreme nature of her reality… with a chance to become more than she could ever dream. purchase them at Amazon

About the Author


Out of the heart of Brooklyn, Grey Williamson is an artist who speaks with a distinctly authentic, relevant voice.

Published in many mediums, Grey has turned his focus onto the specific realm of comic books, to provide a unique perspective on story expressed through the platform of sequential art.

visit his web here

Book 1


A twisted inheritance becomes a legacy of power and pain.

Valmar 2

Val-Mar: Gifted and Cursed is an exceptional work. The story opens and is shaped with the narrative of a young girl. We are a witness to two worlds. Both of them intriguing. The characters of Val-Mar are unique and mysterious. The story raises many questions in the mind of the reader which will be answered in future issues. (amazon)

Book 2

Valmar 3
Reality becomes terror for a young girl when confronted by a demon in Times Square.

Valmar 4

Just take a moment and really look at this man’s work. Stunning and completely unique. You’ll find yourself gawking at the artwork and the flow. (amazon)


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