Sci-fi Streetz: The Book of Hip Hop Sci-fi stories

The world of Science Fiction is so expansive that once I stepped into this world I wanted to write about everything. In this book I chose some of my favorite areas under the Sci-fi umbrella to write stories in Revisionist History, Robots, Gargoyles, Demons, Horror, Time Travel, Space Travel, Futurism, Pirates, Werewolves and Military Sci-fi.
This book is written with the Hip Hop generation in mind because they are the future and Sci-fi fuels the imagination. Sci-fi pushes the imagination and makes people dream. Many young people have so much drama in their lives they only think about the happenings of today’s world. They rarely think or dream about the future or enjoy the escapism that Sci-fi provides. If you can dream it you can achieve it and I wonder if you don’t dream what will you achieve?


Click here to read a sample


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