I submitted two works to my old alma mater for the Creative Citizens in Action project

We may be physically distant, but we are united through our work as CREATIVE CITIZENS IN ACTION. Join us, by exploring artwork and poster designs by California College of Arts (CCA) students, faculty, staff, and alumni that express creative activism and promote democratic participation in the lead-up to Election Day and beyond. Click here to see all the submitted works download and post

What Do You See 2
Parents of Black and Brown boys warn them to watch their mouths and tempers, not to fly too high or too low, just as Daedalus the father of Icarus warned his son. But it is gunfire, not the sun, that crashes the hopes and dreams of our future, not hubris. This tragedy is a reality we are reminded of daily, not a myth.


Rorschach Test

Rorschach test
The Rorschach test is designed to give the therapist an idea of what’s in the mind of the patient, not actually what’s on the paper. How are officers able to apprehend mass shooters with little or no incident, but must shoot unharmed BIPOC because they were afraid for their lives? Let’s talk about those fears because they are in the minds of the officers.


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