What do You See when You See Me?

“Adrian Harper’s Rorschach test is a digital work that draws reference from the eponymous inkblot test. In the artwork we see a mirrored side portrait of an African-American on top of a black inkblot—which derives from the Rorschach Test’s Card Number One. The caption ‘What do You See When You See Me?’ is written on top of the collage.

The original Rorschach test was a series of mirrored inkblot images given to a patient to determine if they had a potential psychological abnormality. By inviting the participants to draw associations from the images, the psychiatrist can reveal if the patient has an extreme violent tendency. Though the validity of the test is debatable, the method is still being taught in psychology curriculum.

Adrian’s digital inkblot test treats a law enforcer as if they were the patient, displaying unnecessary lethal force that targets many unarmed and innocent African-Americans. Police brutality is a psychotic malfunction that is based on delusional thoughts.

Under no circumstance should Black people, Indigenous people, or People of Color be regarded as a harmful threat. Skin color is never a threat, but a person’s prejudice and racially-motivated fear of BIPOC is.”

(From Gordon Fung’s response to the CCA@CCA Artwork Campaign for Rewind Review Respond. Link in bio)⁠

📷 Adrian Harper (Graphic Design 1986), Rorschach test @aj_harper_visions ⁠

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