BLERDS Speak for Me

Update: The New York Times Style Magazin published The Black Nerds Redefining the Culture: a great article click here

I just saw the cover for X-Men’s Marauders #19 featuring Bishop on the cover, and without even seeing the inside, I know he will not be featured in the comic. At least not in any meaningful way.

@gerrydugan when are going to do anything with Bishop? and why would you feature him in the lineup, if he were only going to be a background character?

There are few spaces where comic lover that are POC can go to voice their discontent at how we are too often viewed through lens not of our own making, but thankfully there are BLERDS, (Black Nerds)

These often-dark, round bodies with the minds of a supercomputer with access to the clouds

  • Are the nexus between community of colors and the speculative arts.
  • Bring truth to power to the subtle racism that exist comics gaming and movies.
  • Are Inspirations for minds young and old who want to take their imagination as far as it can go.
  • Are not push overs, those twangy voice can cut down giants in the industry, BLERDs will go there, then ask, “what are the rest of you afraid of?”

Here are my favorites

Ernie, the BLERD Without Fear

Let me ask you Earth Mightiest subscribers: Have you ever imagined an all-black X-Men, Avengers or JLA? If you have, then the BLERD without fear Youtube channel is for you., Unabashedly pro-black. This is without question the site to learn about Black Superheroes. Ernie dedicates entire episodes to a single black hero providing history and powers of the character. And recommendations who, in his opinion should be the screen version of the character.

My recommended episode Black Panther #24: An All Black Avengers Gets The Endgame Treatment! Left me cheering in my seat. A thing of beauty.


Andre Black Nerd / Black Nerd Comedy is Geek Entertainment, Nerd Culture, and Nostalgia featuring Rants, Reviews, Reactions, Recommendations, and Retro 80s, 90s, and 2000s in the world of Pop Culture, Movies, TV, Cartoons, Gaming, Comics and More.

My recomended episode, Captain America Civil War the introduction of Black Panther

The Blerdgurl

Karama Horne, theblerdgurl is an extension of all about comics, TV movies, science and other geeky stuff, all from a blerdgurl’s perspective!l

My recommended episode and interview with Award Winning writers Tananarive Due & Steven Barnes

For a crash course in blerdism, check out the New Nerd

Now if they can speak to why Bishop is receiving so little attention in X-Men, Marauders -_-

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