“I come to bury Black Panther, not to praise him.”The attempt of one writer to bury a beloved Marvel character

Writer John Ridley has one goal for his run on the Black Panther, destroy the character’s legacy in fourteen issues while building up his own creations.

I have been critical of many Marvel comic and the publishers handling of its character of color, Black Panther in particular, see my earlier article.

But nothing prepared for what could only be the worse handling of the beloved character in its 60 years of existence.

By the second issue of Ridley’s run it becomes clear he does not care for T’Challa (this was clearly a money grab) as he begins to gaslight everything that made the Black Panther great since his origin. Starting with the breakup with Storm, now an intergalactic Queen to his being an intergalactic King (The possibilities) and gets worse from there.

This is not just me, here is what the critic have had to say about Ridley’s run

Black Panther #8

Weird Science Marvel Comicsmrgabehernandez Aug 10, 2022         


Almost the entire issue uses T’Challa’s supporting allies as mouthpieces to constantly berate, denigrate, disrespect, and browbeat T’Challa at every turn. When all is said and done, T’Challa is alone and morally beaten, leaving you to wonder what it was all for. Do T’Challa’s past deeds mean nothing? Ridley seems to want to leave you with the impression they don’t, and it’s as depressing as it sounds Read Full Review

Black Panther #9

Weird Science Marvel Comicsmrgabehernandez Sep 8, 2022

Black Panther #9 is either a brilliant approach to social commentary or a happy accident from a writer whose completely out of ideas. Read Full Review

Black Panther #10

COMICONScott Redmond Oct 19, 2022                                                                             

Black Panther’ continues to disassemble its title character stripping more away from the former king. Read Full Review

Black Panther #11

Weird Science Marvel Comicsmrgabehernandez Nov 2, 2022                                           

Black Panther #11 starts the next arc of Ridley’s run by bizarrely forcing T’Challa to consider whether or not he agrees with terrorists as long as they have good intentions. The pacing and plotting are excellent, but T’Challa’s continued maltreatment at the hands of Ridley verges on shocking. Read Full Review

Black Panther #12

The Super Powered FancastDeron Generally Dec 21, 2022                                                  

The humbling of Black Panther trope is becoming tired and having him constantly apologizing to people (many of whom do not deserve it given some of their actions) is thematically and narratively annoying to the point of taking me out of the story to wonder what the point is. It comes off as taking one of the few noble, strong and uncompromising black characters in comics and debasing him for the sake of an unknown agenda. Honestly, if this were the first Black Panther comic I ever picked up, I would struggle to find a reason to ever pick up another Read Full Review

Black Panther #13

The Super Powered FancastDeron Generally Jan 12, 2023                                                   

The Story: I usually try to stay positive when I review comics. Every new comic is a new piece of creativity given to the world and opinions are subjective. With that in mind, I don’t like this storyline or this issue of it. It feels off on characterization, motivation, and quality. Peralta delivers great art in the issue.

Black Panther #14

The Super Powered FancastDeron Generally Feb 8, 2023   

The Story: Ridley crafts some great action in a story that continues to spiral downward and not just for the characters. Ridley has taken one of the most technologically advanced civilizations on the planet and made them abjectly stupid politically with decisions that are completely opposite their own interests. Sacrificing T’Challa for a political ploy is just dumb and anyone who actually cares about these characters and this world could see that. I cannot wait for Ridley’s run to end and frankly, I hope he doesn’t come back anytime soon. Full Review

There are some visually engaging dramatic scenes in the issue, but even great art can’t save a bad story. Read Full Review

10 Marvel Comics That Need An Review.Review.Overhaul In 2023 Story.
by David Harth • Sunday

Black Panther Hasn’t Been Beloved Since Ta-Nehisi Coates Left

Black Panther was a beloved book when it was relaunched by writer Ta-Nehisi Coates around the time of the character’s MCU debut. Fans loved the book back then, but Coates eventually left and Hollywood screenwriter John Ridley took over. Since then, the book has cooled off immensely.

Black Panther has become a big part of the Marvel Universe and this book isn’t serving him or the fans well. Marvel needs to re-evaluate the book. A new creative team and status quo can help shake things up and get fans back on board.

What Ridley has excelled at is the introduction of his own character at the expense of the title character

Each stronger, more dedicated and moral than Black Panther

How did this happen and why?

Marvel Entertainment (the creatives behind the comics division) put up “roadblocks” in order to stop Black Panther and Captain Marvel getting made, says Disney CEO Bob Iger.

According to Iger (via Screen Rant) he had to put his foot down to ensure diversity was taken into account for future Marvel movies.

“I’ve been in the business long enough to have heard every old argument in the book,” he writes, “and I’ve learned that old arguments are just that: old, and out of step with where the world is and where it should be.” source

Comic journalist Timothy Donohoo  excellent article, Black Panther’s Terrible Treatment Contradicts His MCU Success addresses how despite Black Panther importance to the Marve Cinematic Universe, The comic division sees him as less than

Here is an excerpt “While the MCU has propped Black Panther up, the comics have increasingly broken him down and mocked what he stands for. Given that he’s inarguably Marvel’s premiere black male hero, this is absolutely a situation that needs to be rectified. Here’s a look at the several blemishes the Black Panther property has sustained over the years, and how this treatment can be turned around.

The current run on the book from John Ridley had only exacerbated these criticisms with many fans being upset at how it portrays T’Chala and his world. The book is almost antagonistic toward T’Chala himself, with numerous characters belittling and criticizing him as he acts like a paranoid, antisocial dictator. Perhaps the biggest problem was Black Panther #13 (by John Ridley, German Peralta, Sebastian Cheng, and VC’s Joe Sabino) involving a feud between Black Panther and Captain America wherein the Sentinel of Liberty was written completely out of character, all the while beating the Panther black and blue. This has left a sour taste in many readers’ mouths, and it could see dwindling returns for the brand as a whole.

Read the full article

Bottom line

Wakanda Forever without its star and with re shoots was still the second highest grossing movie of 2022, so instead of Black Panther think Cash Cow forever and merchandising is a large part of it. Someone from Disney will notice this and Marvel Entertainment will again make changes or changes will be made at Marvel Entertainment.

Timothy Donohoo said it best, Its time for a Black Panther reboot where he is the hero, an inspirational figure, without t the constant interference of side stories, written by someone who loves the character as much as his readers.

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