A J Harper

Author A.J. Harper
Photo by Michael Santiago

Oakland Cultural Arts winner A J Harper is the author of the seven novel Tales of Urban Horror series. He lives in Oakland with twenty-five plants, Fifteen unfinished commissioned paintings, Four-Ball pythons, One obnoxious Beta and an otherwise demanding life.

This is why he writes 🙂 😊 You can contact him at






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  1. Susy Moorhead says:

    Has Rave of the Werewolves been published yet? I would like to purchase it for my library. Please let me know!

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  2. ajharper says:

    Hi it was renamed Werewolves the Mix Tape, and was just release you can order it here https://www.createspace.com/1000247715 or purchase it at Laurel Book Store
    4100 MacArthur Bl. Oakland, CA 94619 510-531-2073 it should be in stock by the 18th

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,


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