In Concert, Book 6, April 2018

Inconcert (2)

Omari was no hero, and neither was Jamilah. When they returned to Oakland for the winter vacation saving the world was not on their list of things to do. But there they were, along with their friends chosen by the Circle of the Vampires and the Union of the Werewolves, to oppose EnOlive’ and the Legion of Demon’s plan to destroy their kingdoms and end mankind.

The heroes mission; prevent six musical acts from performing a song that will signal the end.

With only hours to do the impossible, Omari’s journey will send him around the globe. He and his friends will face dark forces greater than they could imagine and enemies they know all too well.

Keep your airbag nearby, you’re going globe-trotting to witness heroes battle evil in its many forms. Heroes who must rely on one another more than ever, for if they are to succeed everything they do must be in concert.

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New Release Date and Cover for  iEvil eBook

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Great news, the eBook version of iEvil will be available on for download on 1/19/15

The process for ebooks is so different that we decided to go with another cover

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Coming January 27th 2015


In the penultimate novel, our heroes are back in Oakland, just in time for watch it all hit the fan

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Tales is a series of books for readers who know that the scariest locals are not in middle of Bangor Maine but in the big cities where evil moves about 24 hours a day. Hovering over the high-rises  and crawling beneath guts of downtown  on subway track  For readers who understand that zombie and ghouls are bank managers and wear badges that read to serve and protect  and prey one victims who have no voice  Click on a Series of Horrors  for a quick lesson.

There was a long discussion of the appropriateness of the music, let me know what you think  

From Oakland to New Orleans

ZTV Zombie Television finds our heroes in New Orleans for a Jazz Festival, but soon learn nothing is simple in the Big Easy, Especially when it involves the flesh eating undead. For the fourth novel in the series I hope to stimulate my reader’s curiosity to learn more about New Orleans, the location of Omari and Jamilah’s latest adventure.  Good food, great music, an incredible history and an association with the supernatural that creates chills. New Orleans shines as a one of kind place on the planet. Check it out

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