Sci-fi Streetz: The Book of Hip Hop Sci-fi stories

The world of Science Fiction is so expansive that once I stepped into this world I wanted to write about everything. In this book I chose some of my favorite areas under the Sci-fi umbrella to write stories in Revisionist History, Robots, Gargoyles, Demons, Horror, Time Travel, Space Travel, Futurism, Pirates, Werewolves and Military Sci-fi….

Comic Republic, We Can All Be Hero’s

Comic Republic, a Nigerian comics startup based in Lagos, is creating a universe of superheroes for Africans and black readers around the world. The cast of characters—”Africa’s Avengers” according to some fans—ranges from Guardian Prime, a 25-year old Nigerian fashion designer by day who uses his extraordinary strength to fight for a better Nigeria, to…

Black Panther finds its Director

From Indie Wire Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther movie was pushed back to a 2018 release date this year, but details about the film are still slowly trickling out. In a recent interview withEmpire Magazine, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed Creed‘s Ryan Coogler, who had been in talks to direct Black Panther, will now officially direct….