Smoke & Demons

Vampires in Oakland, Berkeley and Compton, plus multi-ethnic characters populate this young adult horror tale of dreadlocked, pot-smoking Omari whose nightmares are inhabited by life-threatening demons

Smoke & Demons Cover Final
A Tale of Urban Horror Part 3

Omari’s dreams are plagued by visions of demons seeking to kill him. His sister Jamilah and best friend Dragonbrush attribute the nightmares to his growing weed habit. When Jamilah and Dragonbrush also start to have nightmares, Omari wonders if it’s the weed or are the demons real?

Strap yourself in; you’re going to Oakland, U.C. Berkeley, and Compton California. Cities plagued with drug lords, mad scientists, telepaths, vampires, werewolves, and even demons.

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Book 4#   Zombie Television

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